The Activate Experience

Unleash your church’s potential and the unlimited power of the Gospel.

The Activate Experience

An online training environment that draws on ChurchOS principles to equip church leaders, teams, and elders to execute Christ’s mission and double their Kingdom impact

The Action Plan


on fulfilling the
Great Commission.


an operating system to
fulfill your plans & projects.


your team and help them
speak the same language.


a framework to re-evaluate
priorities with actionable steps.


which metrics to measure
and how to measure them.


your ministry strategies
within a COVID-19 context.

Inside the Experience

Explore the 14 modules that will be covered in each phase.


Objectify evaluation based on biblical fundamentals and set priorities.

  • Great Commission Engine
    Get back to basics with this fundamental tool that is designed to help your church reach and connect to the ONEs in your community.
  • Four Helpful Lists
    Lead your team through an evaluation experience with a simple tool that will help you create a conversation around 4 internal-facing questions.
  • Ministry Buffet
    Simplify the way people can connect to your church with 3 guiding questions and a tool to prioritize and sequence your buffet of programs.
  • Setting Your Priorities as a Leadership Team
    Explore key principles that will guide you to make visionary decisions about what you’re going to prioritize and work on in the coming season.

Design a dynamic visioning process and a system for engaging the ONE.

  • Your ONE and Motivators
    Identify the 2 kinds of ONE in your community and learn how to tap into their motivation in a way that would make them respond and engage.
  • Engagement Pathway
    Learn how to design an effective system that will help you engage and connect the ONEs in your community to you, Jesus, and others.
  • Developing Double Impact Vision
    Apply the concept of double vision thinking to set the proper tension in your team’s conversations about where your church is headed next.

Discern the next season’s work and get organized to execute.

  • The VIP Long List
    Look at our 21 recommended categories of work to make a list of 3–8 Vision Initiative Projects that you can do now as a team.
  • Discerning Your Next Season’s VIP
    Use a simple methodology to narrow down the Long List and choose the project that you should work on in the next season.
  • Building a VIP Team Charter
    Learn 4 practical tips to help you start a VIP team who can execute your project with clarity, efficiency, and ownership.

Execute your project as a team and start tracking its progress.

  • Building and Using an Activation Dashboard
    Learn how to build a dashboard with key indicators to help you monitor your progress on the work you’ve already developed.
  • Activation Metrics
    Knowing what metrics to measure and how to measure them will help you get the most out of your Activation Dashboard.
  • Activation Rhythms and Routines
    As you and your team get ready to activate, here are a few pointers on how to get started and what to do first.
  • Developing a ChurchOS Calendar
    Set up a strategic calendar that you can align by and where you can start thinking in sequence to achieve seasons of movement.

Are you ready to build an operating system that makes more and better disciples?



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The Activate Experience is an online training environment specifically designed for church leaders and teams as well as elders, boards, and overseers.

It aims to equip them with the resources and tools to help them make more and better disciples like never before and in time, double their Kingdom impact again and again.

ChurchOS is a growth system that we have developed, which is rooted in biblical principles, employs tried-and-true tools, and is applicable to any church. It translates well in any context or denomination as a leadership and operating system that you can use for years to come. 

In The Activate Experience, you will find every resource you need to begin ChurchOS in just the right way for you and your team. If you have already had a ChurchOS installation experience, you will also find resources to reinforce, expand, and deepen your understanding and implementation.

We have intentionally created this experience with the aim of getting your church back to basics – to fulfill the Great Commission and make more and better disciples. 

To help you get there, we will walk you through every phase of great ministry planning, from strategy to execution. This hands-on, step-by-step process will allow you and your team to systematically grow through each aspect of the experience. 

Our coaches and resources – training videos, guidebooks, tools, and templates – will challenge and equip you and your team to plan strategically, have focused conversations, and take actionable steps to reach more people for Jesus.

The resources in the experience were designed to be used by teams especially in fast-changing times like the COVID-19 pandemic. It will help you discern the details of your current situation, cast clear vision, and make a plan to stay on mission while the reality of the crisis continues to unfold.

There has never been a more important time to remain clear, focused, and aligned as a leadership team. The Activate Experience was created prior to the pandemic, but we have added specific resources for using it during crisis.

It’s the perfect planning resource for you and your team.

Over the past decade, we have successfully installed the ChurchOS leadership system in all types and sizes of churches – church plants, established churches, growing churches, and plateaued churches.

These churches have all seen significant impact from the 14 conversations we cover in Intentional Churches. ChurchOS is also in use with 17 different denominations around the world.

The Activate Experience has also been designed to cater to the requirements of any church, no matter the type or size.

Yes! In fact, the experience was built for teams. You are welcome to share access with your team, or show the training resources to your team.

We do ask that you not share your access with a leader or team from another church. If you are a network or denominational leader, please contact us for bulk discounts on multiple logins.

The experience can start when and how you would like, and you can work through it at your own pace. We have included resources that allow you to begin with a study of the Intentional Churches book. We have also included complete training and resources for self-implementing the fundamentals of ChurchOS outlined in the book.

We strongly recommend completing your first lap through the experience in 90 days or less for the sake of continuity and immediate results.

There are a couple of significant differences. The Activate Experience is built for self-implementation. We are firm believers in the power of outside eyes and coaching, but we also believe you can begin the journey now!

Also, the Intentional Churches book and the Activate Experience were designed to give you the fundamentals of ChurchOS and Intentional Growth Planning.

Our standard engagement with your team uses an additional set of strategic conversations and includes one year of coaching, training, and resources. We are with you and your team for over 150 hours throughout our first year together!


We offer a comprehensive set of resources that have been created to simplify your journey while keeping it systematic. These include training videos, downloadable templates, study guides for leaders and elders, ChurchOS assessment with support, and Activation training and guidebook.

In addition to these resources, we offer a complimentary 90-minute coaching call with one of our experienced Coach Practitioners who are also using ChurchOS in their church. 

You will also have exclusive access to a 90-day coaching engagement to correspond perfectly with your implementation of ChurchOS.

We will send you a complimentary copy of the Intentional Churches book with your purchase of The Activate Experience. The experience was built to be a companion to the book.

The resources in the experience are for the study and implementation of ChurchOS, the leadership system explained in Intentional Churches. If you choose to fully implement ChurchOS, you will need a copy for each team member.

The Intentional Churches book can be purchased at,, or


ChurchOS is a comprehensive system that is built to cover the Six Domains of Church. So, in total, we leave no stone unturned in covering weekend services, discipleship systems, serving, giving, leadership, meetings, operations, and more.

Every aspect of your church is analyzed, discussed, and covered through the four phases of Intentional Growth Planning.

Our coaches are trained by Intentional Churches to run, use, and coach others in the use of ChurchOS. They are working church leaders, or very experienced church leaders, who understand how to implement and use ChurchOS with a leadership team in the context of day-to-day ministry.

This exclusive coaching package is built to assist you in implementing ChurchOS in 90 days or less. You will get a customized meeting schedule along with action planning, communication, and additional tools. 

You will also get step-by-step assistance through eight coaching sessions that coincide with your implementation and use of The Activate Experience.

Your use of this coaching engagement will also introduce you to further coaching and training opportunities exclusive only to churches committed to implementing ChurchOS fully.


No. The Activate Experience is the same price for every church team, irrespective of its size.

What Other Leaders Are Saying

“Over the past 10+ years, we’ve developed a growth system that is rooted in biblical principles, uses tried-and-true tools, and is applicable to any church.

The Activate Experience is the first step you can take to implement this system in your church.”

Co-founders & Authors, Intentional Churches

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